My name is Ethan Moses and this is my online resume/portfolio.

What is an Ethan Moses you may ask? That’s a good question and I hope to answer if for you in the tightest way possible.

In all honesty, I’m not the conventional employee. If you want a conventional employee, you should probably go elsewhere as I will be a horrible disappointment to you. However, if you’re looking for a guy that has a strong work ethic, constant flares of creativity and a heart so big it’s sometimes tough for him to breath, I’m a good pick.

To me, while education is important, work experience is even more so and while I do have a college education, I happen to have a Master’s degree in life. Here are some prime examples:

-Held steady jobs since I was 16

-Have worked in all manner of fields, from baby sitting, labor (including literal fields) and food service to managing employees at a not for profit organization and even international business (like James Bond, but minus the sneakiness).

-Retired with a 2-0 amateur MMA record (this is helpful should we be working and a Warriors like street fight occurs)

-Completed 3 large burger challenges and my picture adorns the wall of establishments in Lafayette and Broadripple, Indiana (USA). I’m also willing to admit failure in 3 other challenges (honesty is a great policy) mainly a 100 wing challenge and a cheeseburger consumption race.

-I stopped a multinational brawl from occurring at an Italian restaurant by singing the opening song from the Lion King.

-I’m a pretty good breakfast foods cook.

(More to come as I think of them)

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